About the Conference

About the Conference

March 30 - 31
Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage

Pathways for Full Community Involvement

This year marks the 15th year of the Full Lives Conference! Join us March 30 – 31 at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage.

The Full Lives Conference features national and Alaskan experts on key issues that affect direct service professionals and the people they support, including but not limited to; supporting people with developmental disabilities, behavioral health/mental illness, chronic alcoholism and other substance abuse, traumatic brain injuries, FASD, and Alzheimer’s Disease and other age-related dementia.

Presentations are provided on a variety of topics allowing attendees to choose sessions based on their personal and professional interests.

Who Should Attend

Full Lives draws a wide range of attendees that provide services in developmental disabilities, behavioral health, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse/prevention, and senior services; such as case managers, personal care assistants, care coordinators, community advocates, supervisors, and self-advocates. Full Lives encourages interaction, problem-solving, and sharing among all participants. This atmosphere contributes to a dynamic conference that encourages ongoing networking and collaboration.


Contact Megan Moody at 608-658-9695 or meganmoodyak@gmail.com.


The Full Lives Conference receives funding and support from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and UAA Center for Human Development, Alaska Training Cooperative.

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