2010 Full Lives Conference for Direct Service Professionals "Chill Out, Don't Burn Out!"

April 15-16, 2010 - Sheraton Anchorage Hotel

Keynote Presenters

Denise BissonnetteDenise Bissonnette is an internationally renowned writer, trainer and keynote speaker. For two decades, she has inspired people and organizations throughout North America to look beyond traditional concepts of career development and to craft livelihoods rooted in the individual “genius” of each person. Denise has authored several publications on creative job development, state of the art job search techniques, the cultivation of the human spirit, and how to “shine” on the job. Her work is a rich tapestry of her talents as a poet, writer, storyteller, teacher and career developer.

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David HarpDavid Harp's work as a cognitive scientist  involves studying the way in which the brain obtains  and processes  information, then uses that information to produce our words, our actions, and our emotions.  

The author of nearly  two dozen books, a corporate speaker, and a professional musician, David  travels the USA and the world helping organizations work more co-operatively, more creatively, and with less stress.

But David never just lectures his audiences on the mysteries of the human brain, as he also happens to be America’s best-known, and fastest, harmonica teacher, with more than a million students to his credit!  So he combines his two favorite mental disciplines — harmonica and cognitive psychology — into entertaining but effective workshops for organizations  including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Kraft Foods, the Red Cross and Blue Cross, Merck Pharmaceutical, and the FBI. 

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Presenter Materials*

Kris Ashley
Tax Benefits for Individuals and Families Affected by Disability (PDF 181KB)
Life's a Little Easier with EITC (PDF 343KB) 

Rick Benjamin
Spiritual Wellness For People Who Experience Developmental Disabilities (PDF 775KB) 

Denise Bissonnette
Rekindle the Flame (PDF 320KB)
The Art of Creating Opportunity (PDF 513KB)
Striking a Balance between Life and Work (PDF 327KB)
Cultivating the Human Spirit (PDF 1.83MB)  

Jennifer Charvet & Adam Grove
Statewide Leadership on behalf of TBI survivors and their families (PDF 5.91MB) 

Barbara Franks
Even After the Funeral: Never Forgotten (PDF 92KB)

Eric Gurley & Scott Kubacki
Compassion Fatigue Pre-Workshop Materials (PDF 457KB)
Compassion Fatigue Solutions (PDF 1.62MB)
Compassion Fatigue Presentation (PDF 229KB)
Life Stress Test (PDF 201KB)

David Harp
Chill Out, Don't Burn Out (PDF 154MB)
How to See it Coming before it Hits the Fan (PDF 492KB) 

Marilyn McKay
Discovering your Caregiving Roots through Guided Autobiography (PDF 5.05MB)

Torrey Smith
Find More Joy in Serving by Overcoming Fatigue (PDF 162KB) 

Chris Sturm
Dealing With Challenging Behaviors Presentation (PDF 1.03MB)
Case Study Activity (PDF 62KB)
Teaching Expectations Activity (PDF 79KB)
ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) Chart Form (PDF 25KB) 

Sue Zahnd
Agenda (PDF 83KB)
Code of Ethics brochure (PDF 164KB)
Code of Ethics card (PDF 22KB)
Gold Personality (PDF 40KB)
Ingathering Discussion (PDF 56KB)
Personality Theory “Mini” Packet (PDF 37KB)
On Being a Professional (PDF 40KB)
Small Group Problem Solving Exercise (PDF 54KB)
Train the Trainer Notes and Hints (PDF 181KB)
What are my Learning Strengths? (PDF 60KB)
When I See a Tree (blue) (PDF 1.3MB)
When I See a Tree (gold) (PDF 616KB)
When I See a Tree (green) (PDF 2.38MB)
When I See a Tree (orange) (PDF 1.69MB)

*Note: Not all materials from this conference are present. Submission of materials to be posted on this website was strictly voluntary.

Event Data

  • 450+ people participated in this conference
  • 25% were returning attendees from the previous year
  • 40% of those registered were Direct Support Professionals

Sponsors and Supporters

Alaska Alliance for Direct Service Careers • Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority • Alaska TASH • Center for Human Development: UAA • Center for Psychosocial Development • Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education • The Stone Soup Group

Silent Auction Contributors

Laurel Carnahan of Raven Moon Studio and artist friends • Karla Morreira • Trust Training Cooperative • Karen Heath & the research team at CHD • Donna • Bonnie • Roxy Lamar • Shirley Timmreck • Justin Scott • Cheri Scott • Jan Westfall • WIN for Alaska • Homewell Senior Care • Joan Tovsen

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