Services for individuals who experience a disability

Services, support and training for individuals who experience a disability offered by UAA Center for Human Development.

Building Virtual Bridges

A guide to distance-delivered microenterprise training for individuals with disabilities.  

Friendships & Dating

Friendships & Dating is a preventative program designed to teach adults with intellectual and related developmental disabilities how to develop and maintain healthy relationships and prevent interpersonal violence.

I Vote, I Count

A program that empowers Alaskans with disabilities to become active voters and part of the political process by eliminating voting barriers, promoting awareness of the voting process and helping people access their right to vote.

Partners in Policymaking (PIP)

A program that promotes advocacy and leadership skills to individuals, family members and caregivers, through training, resources and networking opportunities.

RPTC/FASD Waiver Project and Annual Training Conference

Alaska's RPTC/FASD Waiver project was launched in October 2007 with the goal of reducing the number of youth, ages 14 to 21, in residential psychiatric treatment centers (RPTC'S) who are dual-diagnosed with FASD and SED. An annual training conference is held for professionals and paraprofessionals working with children and youth enrolled in the RPTC/FASD Waiver. 

Work Incentive Planning and Assistance for Alaska (WIPA)
A program that offers recipients of SSA disability (SSI or SSDI) benefits counseling services. Understand how wages might impact benefits.