Clinical Experiences

Clinical activities help Fellows feel what families experience as they navigate current medical systems and allow Fellows to observe interdisciplinary team work. Most of the following activities may be tailored to meet individual goals for LEND, while helping Fellows see real-world examples of the MCH competencies in action. Fellows identify additional activities to meet the hours requirements based on their ILTP goals. These activities are examples from the 2013–14 program, and may change year to year. Fellows are required to have at least 100 hours completed in the clinical and field experiences category by the end of the year.

Clinical Activities

  1. Interdisciplinary Assessment or Meeting (two or more)
         a. Parent Conference Assessment: Early Intervention
         b. Parent Conference Assessment: school districts
         c. Initial family meeting with a Care Coordinator
         d. Children with Special Health Care Needs Meeting
         e. Other interdisciplinary meeting specific to your area of interest
  2. Neurodevelopmental Outreach Screening Clinic*
    Observe assessment, referral, and follow up management of ASD/DD in a Neurodevelopmental Outreach Clinic
  3. FASD Diagnostic Team Assessment
    Observe a FASD Diagnostic Interdisciplinary Team Assessment through one of the FASD Diagnostic Clinics
  4. Post-Secondary Transition Planning Meeting
    Observe a post-secondary transition planning meeting for youth with ASD/DD ages 18–22 years
  5. IFSP or IEP Meeting
    If possible and appropriate, observe an Individual Family Support Planning (IFSP) meeting or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting (potentially with host family)

*Dependent on funding and/or availability of clinical observation opportunities.