Positive Behavior Support (PBS) for Agencies

PBS has its roots in improving Quality of Life for individuals experiencing challenging behavior. It also supports self-determination of individuals and families by using collaborative teaming and a person-centered approach to provide support for a child in many ways as they come into an agency. One major outcome for some children will be behavior support plans that are unique and individualized to meet a child’s needs.

For Service Providers, this means aligning PBS values with the agency practices when working with individuals with challenging behaviors. This means that PBS becomes a multi-pronged approach. Within the agency, this means establishing a PBS Leadership Team which serves to assess staff development needs and review data from implementing PBS plans. The other facet is training staff within the agency to deliver PBS services and collect the data to use in the decision-making around a child.

In maintaining a Person-Centered perspective, agencies will also want to consider PBS services being consistent in a child’s life – from school to family to agency. This is done by a service provider working with other agencies involved in the child’s life as well as the child’s school. The goal is to help adults in the child’s life be consistent in how they work with the child.

For more information visit the PBIS Pilot & Training Projects site.


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