PBIS & Early Learning

Image of Pyramid Model. Click for larger copy that is tagged.The Pyramid Model for early learning utilizes best practices of early childhood practices as a foundation for positive early experiences for our children. These best practices are:
  • Staff development and systems to support effective early learning staff
  • Developing nurturing and responsive relationships for children
  • Developing high quality supportive settings and environments for children
  • Teaching social and emotional skills to support children’s development

Along with these practices, PBIS serves to support children who have challenging and complicated behavior issues by providing unique, intensive interventions. This is the top of the Pyramid Model. The graphic to the left helps to show these different levels – from the foundation of an effective workforce to the intensive interventions for those children who need them.

To support implementation of the Pyramid Model and PBS into early learning programs, the State of Alaska’s Early Learning Programs (Part C for Early Intervention and 619 for Preschool) applied for and became a partner state with the Technical Assistance Center for Social Emotional Intervention, also known as TACSEI (pronounced “taxi”). For Alaska this means free technical assistance for the following activities:


Pyramid Model Contact

Charlie Johanson-Adams
Pyramid Model Coordinator
(907) 688-3342

  • Training and assistance to develop 3 demonstration sites to serve as Alaska models
  • Training and assistance to develop a statewide master cadre of consultants and coaches
  • Training and assistance to develop local Pyramid Model trainers supporting demonstration sites

The TACSEI partnership is governed by a Pyramid Model Leadership Team that receives input from its Steering Committee as well as its state and national support teams. For a list of those members, visit http://www.hss.state.ak.us/ocs/InfantLearning/TACSEI/.

Vision and Mission

As the first order of business, the Leadership Team created a vision to provide members and participants of the Alaska TACSEI Pyramid Partnership a grander view of our purpose for the future. The Alaska TACSEI Pyramid Partnership Vision is that:

"All Alaskan environments for young children and their families have strong social and emotional foundations enhanced and strengthened through a caring network of professionals, parents, and community members."

Additionally, the Leadership Team defined the purpose of the Alaska TACSEI Pyramid Partnership Mission is to guide our daily implementation of the partnerships and to:

"Design, implement, and sustain the Pyramid Model, a system of professional development practices for Early Learning professionals that consistently and collaboratively address the social and emotional needs of all Alaskan children birth-5 and their families."

For a current view of these, visit the Alaska TACSEI Program site.