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FY08 Audio Conferences

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FY07  Audio Conferences   

Four teleconferences were delivered between March and June of 2007 with four different speakers: Jan Eidlebach, Colleen Patrick-Riley with a panel of presenters, Mark Goldman and Dr. Gloria Eldridge.

Cognitive impairments including traumatic brain injury, services and gaps in service for offenders released into the community, supporting offenders with high-risk behavior and ethical issues working with offenders with cognitive impairments. 

Audio-conference Titles, Dates, and Main Focus

  • March 07"What You Need to Know When Working with Offenders with Traumatic Brain Injuries"   

This audio conference highlighted working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries; both the challenges and the recommended strategies to increase their success in the community and reduce your stress in the workplace.

  • April 07“Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities in DOC and the Community -        Resources, Needs, and Gaps”     

This audio-conference offered a panel discussion with the Department of Corrections, Hope Community Resources, and ASSETS, Inc.

  • May 07“Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilities at Risk of Criminal Behavior: An Overview”   
  • June 07“Correctional Mental Health Ethics: Serving Individuals with Cognitive        Impairments after Release from Prison”