Reducing Recidivism Through Successful Re-Entry Conference

Our Endeavor:

To provide resources and training opportunities to community providers working with returning citizens who are Trust Beneficiaries.

Staff expertise and specialized training continues to be the most important provider needs to increase the capacity to serve offenders with cognitive impairments. The Disability Justice Initiative at the Center for Human Development receives support from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority to identify and provide resources to build skills and capacity for community behavioral health providers to further serve returning citizens who are Trust Beneficiaries.


2016 Conference Materials

Below are links to materials for the 2016 Reducing Recidivism Through Successful Re-Entry Conference

You can find a map of accessible and available parking in downtown Anchorage here.

Note:  Please click on the title of the session to download the materials associated with that session (slides and supplemental materials)

Day 1 Youth Track Agenda

Keynote: Janice Goudy, HaysKids (Minnesota) - A Parent's Perspective

Session 1: Supports or Consequences; Which Works Best – Janice Goudy, HaysKids 

Session 2: Applied Behavioral Interventions for Youth –Summer LeFebrve, LCSW et al. 

Sessions 3 & 4: Trauma and Criminogenic Risks: A Developmental Perspective (Part I&II) - Niki Miller, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc (New Hampshire)

**Please note that Youth Sessions 3 & 4 share the same presentation material & the recording is edited to remove breaks and pauses to allow for better continuity**

Day 2 Adult Track Agenda

Keynote: Successful Returning Citizen Panel co-facilitated by Morgen Jaco, State of Alaska (SOA), Department of Corrections (DOC) and Teri Tibbett, SOA, Alaska Mental Health Board/Advisory Board on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse; including panelists Donna Fischer, Michael Parker, Amy Urbach, and Amber Morrison

Session 1: Effective Interventions: Corrections &Community Behavioral Health Partnerships presented by Bob Kingman, J.D., M.Ed., LCPC, CCS - Crisis &Counseling Centers (Maine)

Session 2: Return to Community: Reducing Recidivism with Continuity of Care presented by Bob Kingman, J.D., M.Ed., LCPC, CCS - Crisis & Counseling Centers

Session 3: The First Week Out: A Pathway to Success Panel Discussion including  Doreen Schenkenberger, Partners for Progress; including panelists Jyll Green, ANP - myHealth Clinic; Michael Mooradian - Cook Inlet Tribal Council; Morgen Jaco - SOA, DOC; Joshua Sopko, Partners Reentry Center; Alysa Wooden - SOA Dicision of Behavioral Health; and Jennifer Fredericks - SOA, Therapeutic Courts

Session 4:

Recidivism: An Alternative Perspective presented by Moreen Fried, LCSW - Private Practice & Jennifer Hite, SOA - Alaska Public Defender

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