TAPESTRY Program Description

To complete the TAPESTRY program students will complete the required TAPESTRY pass/no pass courses.


FIRST Semester classes:

DLS A010 Orientation Seminar

Provides practical experience over a four day period prior to the fall semester about campus resources including: transportation, activities, clubs, facilities, and skills needed to navigate university systems and services, with an emphasis on technology and field experiences.

DLS A012 Exploration Seminar

Provides practice in identification of personal interests, educational and career goals using Person-Centered Planning, and other self-determination strategies through active engagement in course activities. Topics include: goal setting, self-identification of skill/personality characteristics, career exploration, calendaring, Social Security benefits identification, and work incentives planning.

DLS A014 Core Social Skills

Development of core social skills needed to build and maintain relationships throughout the life span. Students will learn how to establish new relationships, with peers, staff, and how to set and maintain personal and employment boundaries. Social interaction will be emphasized with peers in the classroom, on the UAA campus and in the workplace.Life skills will be developed including goal setting, planning, transportation, money management and personal responsibility.

DLS A016 Job Search Seminar

Development of skills needed to choose a career field based on personal strengths and interests.Topics include: labor market research, education research, resume creation, job application and interview skills. Students will also learn about disability disclosure, reasonable accommodations, and advanced work incentives planning.


SECOND Semester Classes

Note: if the student is on an academic path the schedule allows time for additional classes at an additional cost.

DLS A018 Internship

Continuation of Exploration and Job Search courses. Students will secure an internship, paid employment or self-employment position. Course covers how to identify employment characteristics, set goals and achieve them, how to maximize long-term success, long-term employment goals and strategies needed to achieve them, self-advocacy skills and mentoring.Students will work on development of self-advocacy skills.

DLS A024 Employability Skills

Provides practical experience to practice communication skills, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism important to employers through a service-learning project.



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