The Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC) is a statewide cooperative effort to address workforce training needs.

The AKTC promotes career development opportunities for direct support professionals, supervisors, and professionals in the field engaged with Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority beneficiaries*, by ensuring that technical assistance and training is accessible and coordinated.

In addition, the AKTC is dedicated to collaborating with Alaskan communities to train rural behavioral health care providers by blending evidence-based practices with traditional wisdom.

*Beneficiary groups include: developmental disabilities, mental illness, chronic substance abuse, Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

  • Goal 1 – Facilitate and maintain coordination and collaboration of training entities.
  • Goal 2 – Technical assistance support will continue to be implemented to address training opportunities, training needs and gaps identified by providers serving Trust beneficiaries.
  • Goal 3 – Document and report training data.
  • Goal 4 – Increase and enhance evidence-based training delivery.
  • Goal 5 – Increase availability of quality training that equips the home & community based and behavioral health workforce to provide culturally attuned services throughout Alaska and for our unique Alaska Native populations.

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AKTC Learning Management System (LMS)

The Alaska Training Cooperative (AKTC) LMS is a collaborative effort from the University of Alaska, the Mental Health Trust Authority, and Trust Beneficiary providers statewide. It is a web-based catalog of both face-to-face and distance training opportunities in the state of Alaska.

Components include:

  • Web-based system that offers a one-stop shop for various types of professional training opportunities
  • FREE to sign-up as a AKTC LMS User
  • Online Catalog of available trainings statewide and free listings
  • On-line registration and payment for AKTC sponsored trainings that have a fee
  • On-line, virtual classroom, and Instructor-led courses
  • E-Portfolio: Tracking of a User’s trainings, conferences and educational participation

Visit the AKTC LMS Web site

Contact AKTC

Lisa L. Cauble, MSW
AKTC Director
(907) 264-6276

UAA Center for Human Development
2702 Gambell St. Suite 103
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Ph: (907) 272-8270
1 (800) 243-2199
TTY: (907) 264-6206
Fax: (907) 274-4802

TTC Fairbanks Office

Specializing in Behavioral Health Training

The TTC Fairbanks Office hosts the TTC’s non-academic training program primarily to support behavioral health providers who serve or reside in rural Alaska. The focus is on mid and upper-level practitioners in its collaborative relationship with the TTC Anchor age Office whose focus is primarily on direct service providers. The TTC FairbanksOffice serves BA level providers with a focus on master’s degree professionals and above. There are training activities and participant levels that overlap between the Fairbanks and Anchorage Offices and generally anyone is welcome to attend the TTC’s variety of training activities.

The Trust Training Cooperative is dedicated to collaborating with Alaskan communities to train rural behavioral health care providers by blending evidence based practices with traditional wisdom.

The TTC Fairbanks Office provides this through:

  • Evidence based training.
  • Provision of approved Behavioral Health Continuing Education trainings to support the workforce.
  • Identification and development of training models and approaches for the rural behavioral health workforce.
  • A commitment to emerging practices and training needs for supporting behavioral health systems and networks in rural Alaska.
  • The collaboration and coordination efforts of local, state, regional, and national behavioral health entities.
  • A commitment to and demonstration of cultural attunement in all activities along with dedicated training on cultural attunement.
The TTC Fairbanks Office also provides coordination, support, & session facilitation for:
  • Continuing Education Trainings for Licensed Behavioral Health Providers and Supervisors
  • We Are All Elders in Training Summit
  • Local, state, regional, and national behavioral health entities