Chancellor's Board of Advisors

The University of Alaska Anchorage Board of Advisors is a diverse group of community leaders who act to:

  • advance the overall mission of UAA;
  • advise the Chancellor on strategic matters;
  • advocate on behalf of the University of Alaska and UAA and
  • represent the overall interests of the communities UAA serves
Eleanor Andrews
Eleanor Andrews
The Andrews Group
Jane Angvik
Jane Angvik
Community Planning & Research Consultant
Leo Bustad Dr. Leo Bustad
Alaska Heart Institute
Pat Doyle Patrick Doyle
Anchorage Daily News
Dr. Sharon Gagnon
Dr. Sharon Gagnon
Ernie Hall Ernie Hall
Alaska Furniture Manufacturers
Janie Leask
Janie Leask
President and CEO
First Alaskans Institute
Blythe Marston Blythe Marston
Dennis McMillian Dennis McMillian
Foraker Group
Rick Nerland
Rick Nerland
President and CEO
The Nerland Agency
Bruce Lamoureu Bruce Lamoureux
Senior Vice President and CEO
Providence Health Systems, Alaska
Steve Reiger Steve Rieger
Jack Roderick Jack Roderick
Fran Rose
Frances Rose
Alaska Permanent Capital
Susan Ruddy Susan Ruddy
Providence Alaska Foundation
Arliss Sturgulewski Arliss Sturgulewski
Former Alaska State Senator
David Wight
David Wight
Eric Wohlforth Eric Wohlforth
Wohlforth, Johnson, Brecht, Cartledge and Brooking
Dr. Aron Wolf Dr. Aron Wolf
Wolf Health Care
Pete Slaiby Peter E. Slaiby
Vice President
Shell Alaska
Exploration & Appraisal


Community Campus Representatives

Kenai College

Joe Kashi  Joe Kashi, representative

Kodiak College
Maggie Rochelieau
Maggie Rocheleau, representative

Matanuska-Susitna College

Carol Kane
Carol Kane, representative
Executive Director
Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals

Prince William Sound Community College

Dr. John Devens  Dr. John Devens, representative