Name Position Title Office No.
 in CPSB
Office Hours
Spring 2014
Campus Phone E-mail
Holmberg, Eric Professor 302 J By appointment only
786-1289 egholmberg
Kennish, John Professor 302 H W: 2pm - 5pm or by appointment 786-1236 jmkennish
Maselko, Jerzy Professor 302 F Sabbatical
786-4697 jmaselko2
McCoy, Mark Assistant Professor 302 G
M: 12pm - 2:15pm
W: 11am-1pm
786-1260 mrmccoy
McGill, Colin Assistant Professor 302 D
M/W: 1pm - 2pm 786-1271 cmmcgill
Vugmeyster, Liliya Assistant Professor 302 B R: 12:10pm-2pm or by appointment 786-4709 lvugmeyster

Support Personnel

Name Position Title Office No.
Campus Phone E-mail
Haase, Krystal CAS Laboratory Manager 102 A 786-1264 kkhaase
Moore, John CAS Research Lab Manager EBL 112 786-1268 jdmoore
Kaufmann, Sabine Math and Natural Sciences Administrative Assistant 101 P 786-4991 sakaufmann

Term and Adjunct Instructors and Professors

Name Position Title Office No.
Office  Hours
Spring 2014
Campus Phone E-mail
Bascom, Derek Term Instructor 302 A
M: 2pm - 3pm
T/R: 1pm - 3pm
786-1399 ddbascom
Brown, Elvin Term Assistant Professor 302 C
T: 10am - 11am (Chem 104L - 001 students only)
W: 1pm - 2pm (Chem 104L - 002 students only)
786-1345 eebrown
Giddings, Chris Adjunct Instructor 302 M
T/R: 11am - 1pm N/A cmgiddings
Martinson, Mark Term Instructor 302 N

T/W/R: 12pm - 2pm

786-1368 mamartinson
Murdoch, Liena Term Instructor 302 N M: 11:30am - 1pm
T: 3pm - 5:30pm
R: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
F: 2:30pm - 3:30pm by appt
786-1222 omurdoch
Prnka, Ryan Adjunct Instructor 302 M T: 4pm - 5pm
N/A mrprnka
Schlabaugh, Adeline Lab Coordinator /
Term Instructor
302 Q M/T/W: 10am - 11am
M: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
R: 1pm - 2pm
786-4784 adeline
Summers, Debora Term Instructor 302 P M: 2pm - 2:30pm
T/R: 8am - 8:30am
W: 10am - 11:30am
F: by appointment
786-1257 dmsummers
Tomco, Patrick Term Assistant Professor
302 C R: 11am-1pm
T/F: by appointment
786-1345 pltomco