Chemistry is the science which is concerned with substances - their properties, composition, and reactions. Recent advances in chemistry have exerted a profound influence on the progress of medicine, agriculture, industry, and commerce.


The undergraduate courses in chemistry offered at UAA are designed primarily to provide a broad knowledge of the field as a part of the program of liberal education offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. They are also designed to provide a substantial foundation in chemistry for students interested in post-graduate studies in chemistry or other sciences, preparation for professional degrees, teaching, or a career in government or industry. Students majoring in chemistry will meet basic course requirements in inorganic, analytical, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry.


Biochemistry courses are designed for students who prefer a more biologically oriented approach to chemistry. During the past 25 years biochemistry has become a central scientific discipline linking the chemical, physical, and biological sciences. By applying the concepts and methods of chemistry to the problems of biology, biochemists have made great progress in explaining life in chemical terms.


Important Message from CAS

To the UAA community:

The University of Alaska Anchorage has decided to suspend admission of new students to our chemistry major. All students who have currently declared and been accepted into the major will be given support to finish their chemistry degree. 

The Chemistry Department and the College of Arts & Sciences hosted the Chemistry Degree Information Sessions on January 5th and 6th, 2015. Chemistry majors were invited to attend and ask questions about the changes. A teleconference line was provided to those who were not available to attend in person. 

At the meetings, accurate information was provided to students and the College of Arts &Sciences discussed how we plan to assist students in mapping out a degree completion plan and answered student questions. 

To schedule an appointment with a Division of Math & Natural Sciences advisor, please contact Dr. Deborah Duricka or David House: 

 Dr. Deborah Duricka 
 P: 907-786-4710 
 Office: CPISB 102E

 David House 
 P: 907-786-4378 
 Office: CPISB 102D


Chemistry Degree Frequently Asked Questions




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