The chemistry laboratories at the University of Alaska Anchorage feature state-of-the-art equipment that facilitate teaching, learning and chemical analysis.

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Our labs are located in the Conoco-Phillips Integrated Science Building (CPSB) west of the Arts building and north west of the old Admin building.

Summer chemistry labs start on May 16th, 2016.  Each student enrolled in a lab MUST attend the first day of labs and must attend with their lab manual, safety goggles, and lab coat available at the UAA campus bookstore. Students shall also be dressed appropriately for lab or entry into lab shall be denied. Review section 3c in the Chemistry Department's Teaching Laboratory Safety Agreement and Procedures below for a complete overview of our dress code.


If you have any wait list questions, click here.

The Chemical Hygiene Plan for the University of Alaska can be found here.

The UAA Chemistry Department's Safety Agreement and Procedures can be found here.


For information and files related to your lab, click on the appropriate link below:

CHEM A103L - Survey of Chemistry Lab

CHEM A103L - Safety Data Sheets

CHEM A104L - Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Lab

CHEM A104L - Safety Data Sheets

CHEM A105L - General Chemistry I Lab

CHEM A105L - Safety Data Sheets

CHEM A106L - General Chemistry II Lab

CHEM A106L - Safety Data Sheets

CHEM A312L - Quantitative Analysis Lab

CHEM A323L - Organic Chemistry Lab

CHEM A434L - Instrumental Analysis Lab (offering suspended)

CHEM A443L - Principles of Biochemistry Lab

CHEM A453L - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab (offering suspended)

CHEM A498 - Individual Research