Quantitative Analysis is a course that covers general principles of chemical analysis, including introduction to volumetric, gravimetric, and instrumental methods, theory, problems, and laboratory.

CHEM A312 labs are offered only during Fall semesters.

The prerequisites for this course are CHEM 106 with a minimum grade of C and CHEM 106L with a minimum grade of C.

All CHEM A312 labs are held in CPSB 314.  Registered students must attend the first day of labs and they must attend with a lab manual, safety goggles, and lab coat.  The lab manual will be available on Blackboard once classes start.  The goggles and lab coat are available through the campus bookstore

Students shall be dressed appropriately for lab or entry into lab shall be denied.  Review section 3c in the Chemistry Department's Teaching Laboratory Safety Agreement and Procedures for an overview of our dress code.