Fall 2016

Most of the students at the University of Alaska Anchorage that register for chemistry lectures and labs need these classes to graduate.  We understand this and we enroll as many students as our capacities allow each semester.  Because of the high demand of our chemistry labs and the fact that we are limited by the number of labs available and the number of stations in each lab, we may not be able to accommodate all of the students who need these classes each semester.  As a result, we’ve instituted wait lists for all of our 100-level labs in order to fairly add students to labs where spaces become available.  The wait lists for classes that are filled to capacity are activated around the start of the semester when enrollment becomes restricted for our labs.  We do our best to fill each and every class to capacity by the add/drop deadline!

Please note that these wait lists are for courses offered on the Anchorage campus only.  These wait lists are separate from and not integrated with the UAOnline wait lists which terminate at the start of the semester.


During the Registration Period

After a lab has filled up, we cannot add additional students to that lab.  It is the student's responsibility to keep checking online for available spots during the registration period, and to register in the course if a spot becomes available. Starting July 1st, you can request to be added to a wait list. After the start of the semester, registration becomes restricted and only the lab coordinator can add students to labs.  If your name is on a wait list, you will be added to the lab as space becomes available but only after the semester has started.

In order to be placed on a wait list for a lab, you must first be enrolled in (or have taken) the lecture for that lab.  If you do not meet this prerequisite, you will not be added to a wait list.

To be placed on a wait list for any of the 100-level chemistry labs, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Space Availability

If a space becomes available in the lab you are interested in, the lab coordinator will call or e-mail you and instruct you on how to proceed with registration at that time.  You may contact the lab coordinator at any point to check on your status.

The wait list add process may take up to two weeks (until the add/drop deadline).  It is the student's responsibility to contact their instructor as soon as possible after registration to inquire about homework and to catch up on any work that was missed.


Safety Orientation

All students must attend a safety orientation before they are allowed to participate in their lab.  If you are added to a lab after the first meeting, the lab coordinator will contact you to schedule a separate mandatory safety orientation which usually occurs the second or third Thursday and Friday of the semester.


No Spaces Available

If there are no spaces available by the add/drop deadline, please try to register again next semester.  Remember, the sooner you register for any class, the better the chance that you will get a spot in the class of your choice.  Our labs typically fill up within a couple of hours after registration opens. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact the lab coordinator, Adeline Schlabaugh, at 786-4784 or adeline@uaa.alaska.edu.


Wait List Request Form

Fill out the form below to request addition to a wait list(s).  Submissions prior to July 1st will not be honored.

Enter your last name.

Enter your middle initial.

Enter your first name.

Enter your 8-digit student ID number, starting with "3".

Enter your UAA e-mail address.

Enter an alternate (non-UAA) e-mail address.

Enter a WORKING contact phone number. Please do not enter parenthesis or dashes. Make sure your mailbox can receive messages.

Enter the CRN of the lab that is your first preference.

Enter the CRN of the lab that is your second preference.

Enter the CRN of the lab that is your third preference.

Enter the CRN of the lab that is your fourth preference.

Enter the CRN of the lecture you are enrolled in. Leave blank if you have already taken the lecture.

Enter any additional information you may think is important.


Lecture Wait Lists

Each lecture instructor is responsible for his / her own lecture wait list(s) AFTER the UAOnline wait lists terminate.  Please contact them directly.  Their contact information is available on the chemistry department directory.