This course is taught by Dr. Colin McGill.

This is the first semester course in the sequence.

The course presents a study of the structure and function of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids and membranes.

The prerequisites for this course are BIOL A115 with a minimum grade of C and CHEM A322 with a minimum grade of C. These prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Registration restrictions include junior standing, completion of all GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses and completion of seven credits of GER Tier 2 courses in the Natural Sciences including BIOL A115.

Students who complete CHEM A441 as part of their undergraduate degree cannot receive credit towards their graduate degree from CHEM A641.

CHEM A443 is the laboratory component of this course but is either taken concurrently with CHEM A442 or after CHEM A442 has been completed.