554 & 555 Supervisory Training

Supervisor Training Course Description

Based on supervisory training curricula developed by Michigan State University and  the Butler Institute for Families at the University of Denver, this training is designed to help Office of Children’s Services supervisors understand and develop skills specific to their job as a supervisor of frontline child protective service workers in Alaska.  This training is participatory and the more each participant engages in the training the more they will get out of it.    

554 / 555 Supervisor Training Annotated Agenda

The content for this training is:  

Module I – Pre-Service Training

What is Supervision and what makes it different from Management

Evolution of Management Theory


Mission, Vision and Values

Supervisor Roles

Supervisory Styles 

Module II – Face to Face Training (3 days)

Review the Module I material

Transitioning from Peer and Worker to Supervisor

Learning Styles

Stages of Worker Development

Orientation for New Workers

Transfer of Learning

Supervisor Roles in Depth

Constructive Feedback

Understanding Emotional Responses

Cultural Values—differences between Alaska Native and European Values 

Module III – Between Face to Face Sessions, via Distance (30 days)

            As determined by the group, this module is not always needed.

Module IV – Face to Face (3 days)

 This agenda can be modified based on the requests and needs of each group

Grief and Loss

Prioritization, Motivation, Guidance, Giving Direction