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Child and Family Services Plan

The Office of Children's Services has scheduled community cafés to get input into how they chart their course for the next five years.  OCS is seeking feedback about their five priorities:  Safe Children, Strong Families, Quality Work Force, Strong Tribal and State Relations and Community Partnerships.  Please see the locations, dates and times below for a community café in your area!  To register for either a café or a teleconference, please contact Lisa Tanga at (907)786-6723 or (855)786-6720 (long distance toll free number).

Location:  CITC
Date:       April 1, 2014
Time:       9am - 12pm

Location:  Northstar
Date:       April 25, 2014
Time:       9am - 12pm

Location:  Yuut Elitnaurviat
Date:       April 21, 2014
Time:       9am - 12pm

Location:  Noel Wein Library
Date:       April 3, 2014
Time:       2pm - 4pm

Location:  VAL Building
Date:       April 24, 2014
Time:       1pm - 4pm

Location:  T & H Community Center
Date:       March 13, 2014
Time:       9am - 12pm

Location: Soldotna Sports Center
Date:       March 20, 2014
Time:      9am - 12pm
Location:  Cape Fox Lodge
Date:       March 14, 2014
Time:       9am - 12pm

9.  NOME
Location:  Old St. Joe's
Date:       April 7, 2014
Time:      9am - 12pm

If you cannot attend a cafe, but would like to give your input, please note the two teleconference dates and times. 

a.  April 16, 2014 / 2:00pm
b. April 24, 2014 / 10:00am

A third option to give your feedback is to send us an email at:  childwelfareacademy@gmail.com 

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