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Innovation at the CWA

2014 was a great year for the Child Welfare Academy (CWA)!  So many great trainings for new workers, supervisors, SSA's, ICWA workers, and our community partners! We also worked really hard this year to roll out a number of new projects just in time for the New Year. 

Here are some things to look forward to in 2015: ″The Blended Learning Community" (BLC) will roll out for the new SKILS cohort starting in March. The BLC uses a combination of both online and classroom training to prepare new workers for SKILS, connect workers to the CWA and each other, and support a worker's professional development when they return to the field. This online learning platform will give the CWA a way to support the professional development of new workers, not just during SKILS but throughout their careers at OCS. 

Finally, a training especially for supervisors who want to become experts in the practice model! Coaching Supervisors to Best Practice (CSBP) transfers classroom learning of the Practice Model to the supervision of front line workers through a coaching program. Supervisors will also use the BLC to engage in both online and classroom trainings that focus on helping workers use the OCS Practice Model to enhance critical thinking and best practice. The CWA will use a new "coaching" model to deliver this 6 month intensive, with supervisors working one on one with individual coaches to develop new assessment and supervisory skills. 

If you haven't had a chance to like us on Facebook, take a look. With our page, we work hard to connect our friends to relevant trainings, research, news articles, and other news items relevant to anyone who works in child welfare. Many people use this page as one of their main resources for consistent updates about the field of child welfare. 

The CWA is pleased to announce that we have brought a new trainer to the team! Cory Bryant brings wealth of knowledge and experience to the CWA. As an introduction, here is short hello from Cory: "Hi everyone! My name is Cory Bryant and I am the new Alaska Child Welfare Academy trainer and I am very excited about it! I have worked in the child welfare field for about 20 years including 6 years at OCS (it was called DFYS then) and then many years as the manager for Alaska CARES, the CAC in Anchorage. As the CAC manager, it was truly important to me to maintain collaborative and respectful relationships with partner agencies and OCS is one of those important partner agencies. Although OCS' role and the CAC role may have been different, working together was necessary as keeping children safe cannot be shouldered by one organization. I have always believed each person, family and organization has responsibility to help keep its children safe. Along the years, I have done training on different topics but have not embarked on a position where my primary role was to train and provide people with the tools they need to ensure child safety and healthy families. Life is a journey and child welfare for me is a part of the journey that I am called to. I am truly honored to be a part of the OCS team because they have the opportunity to touch people's lives with compassion and honesty and to help families become strong and healthy. I look forward to working with each of you!"  

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