Family Services Assessment (FSA)

The Child Welfare Academy (CWA) recently trained all case carrying staff, supervisors and managers to enhance their Family Services practices at the Office of Children's Services (OCS). The FSA Guides OCS workers toward getting "in the business of behavior change."  Rather than focusing on a family's compliance with services, case plans will connect to a family's thoughts and feelings about their own change process.  Integrating motivational interview strategies, widely accepted theories on behavior change, and new research on trauma-informed care, this approach truly represents state of the art practice in child protection.  With the FSA, a family's progress toward change can be clearly evaluated, giving clarity to their vision of "Safe Children, Strong Families."

Resource Guides, Tools and Forms related to the Family Services Assessment:

Family Services Assessment Model Summary

Family Practice Handbook

Safety Threats Guide

Protective Capacity Reference

FSA At-A-Glance

Policy 2.9.3 - Family Services Assessment:  Case Planning with Parents

Policy 2.9.4 - Family Services Assessment:  Case Planning with Children

Policy 2.9.5 - Family Services Assessment:  Case Planning with Youth

Family Case Plan

Trauma Screening Tools for Children 0-5

Trauma Screening Tool for Children 6-18

Life Events Checklist