CI Library is Open Now!

Open Hours(Open to the public):

12:00pm-2:00pm, every Monday and Wendesday.

The Readers’ Rules for the UAA Confucius Institute Library  

    This library is established by the UAA Confucius Institute and all the books and materials are donated by the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban. All books and materials are available to students, UAA staff and citizens in this community. In order to use the resources efficiently, please follow the rules below:

1.  All the books and materials can be borrowed for free. Readers must offer a photo copy of valid identification (such as a WOLFcard or driver’s license; readers can make the copy at the Confucius Institute. It will be returned to the owner or shredded when the reader returns the book) and contact information. Books and materials can be taken away only after check out by the Confucius Institute staff.

2.  The hours for the UAA Confucius Institute Library are 12:00- 14:00 on Tuesday and Thursday.

3.  Every reader can borrow two books or a set of discs at one time, the books and discs must be returned to the library within 20 days, materials can be renewed for 7 days by calling the library at 907-786-1395 and requesting an extension. Materials must be kept in good condition, damage to books, discs or other materials may result in a fine of $100 dollars.  

4. The textbooks with accompanying CD-ROM of teaching material must be kept together and returned together.

5.  If only one copy of a book exists it will not be lent out, but readers may read the book inside the Confucius Institute.

6.  All the books and materials are classified according to the types of works and have a Chinese Pinyin Sequencer code; when browsing readers must put back materials in their original place.

Please check our book inventory here.