Chinese Culture Week October 6-10, Presented by the UAA Confucius Institute

In celebration of the autumn moon viewing festival, the UAA Confucius Institute presented Chinese Culture Week. The event featured performances, speakers, activities and film screenings. All events were free and open to the public.


Public Lecture: Daoism in Chinese Culture: Then and Now---Oct. 6(Wed)

Prof. Ronnie Littlejohn, professor of philosophy, Belmont University.
 Littlejohn Prof. Littlejohn is the author of the highly regard Daoism: An Introduction, and writes and speaks frequently on the evolution of Daoist philosophy and its place in Chinese culture. Daoism is one of the great spiritual traditions of Chinese culture and has contributed much to the Chinese world view since its creation over two thousand years ago. But Daoism is a living tradition and still has an important place in contemporary Chinese culture. How has this key element of Chinese culture evolved and adapted to the great transformations taking place in China?

Public Performance: A Concert of Chinese Classical Music---Oct. 8th(Friday)

Melody of China

The group Melody of China is an award winning ensemble of classical Chinese musicians based in San Francisco. For years they have performed innovative programs that combine traditional and contemporary musical styles. Their extensive repertoire includes folk songs and festival music, traditional music and Chinese opera, popular and contemporary pieces as well as an array of music from different ethnic groups. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the broad range and great variety of Chinese music played by masters of traditional instruments.


Festival: Chinese Adventure---Oct. 9th(Saturday)

 DSC_4615 A carnival of activities, games, performances, free food and prizes for the whole family. Dance and Martial Arts Performances will be featured along with Calligraphy, Paper Cutting and Folding, Chinese Games and more. A fun and easy way to get to know Chinese culture.

Film Screening: Chinese Movie Afternoon( Go, Lala, Go)---Oct. 10th(Sunday)

 dulala_400 Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. That is the case for Du Lala, who begins her career in a Global Top 500 company as a humble receptionist.

Lala tackles the pressures and frustrations of office life in a positive manner knowing that success depends on jumping through hoops and overcoming obstacle.