Dragon Boat Festival in China

The Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival, Duānwǔ Jié, Double Fifth, Tuen Ng Jit) is a traditional holiday in China.

What do people do?

Eat rice dumplings (zongzi):

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food, which is rice dumplings with meat, peanut, egg yolk or other sweet fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling. Zongzi is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival which falls on the 5th of May in Chinese lunar calendar each year, which is celebrated to commemorate the great patriot poet QuYuan in China.



Race dragon boats:


If you want to know more interesting stories about Dragon Boat Festival and make your own  Zongzi, please register for the event right now to receive a free Zongzi ready to eat at the event! 

Because of limited supplies of Zongzi available, please register for this event ASAP for confirmation. Thank you!


Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Celebration. PDF

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Celebration Confirmation Form

Please return confirmation form back to us via E-mail or in person to confirm your Zongzi at the event!


Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

Date: June 10th, 2013

Time: 2:30pm- 4:00pm

Location: UAA Main Campus, the 2nd floor at UAA Bookstore

              2905 Providence Dr. Anchorage, AK 99508
Event: Open to Public
             1, Presentation: History & Stories about Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
             2, DIY Fun: Make your own Chinese Zongzi by yourself and bring it home.
             3, Free Zongzi for people who registered for the event, we will order it from Seattle. 

             4, Practice speaking Chinese with native Chinese.

Ordered Zongzi ingredients? Sweet rice; meat; Chest nuts, salty yolk, dry shrimp, soy sauce. Each Zongzi is a 10 oz. serving per person.

UAA West Campus Central Parking Lot (Behind Rasumson Hall)is free from 2:00pm-5:00pm on June 10th for the event.

Contact Information: 

               Phone: 907-786-1760

               Email: UAACI@uaa.alaska.edu

               Fax: 907-786-1060