Chinese Lantern Festival Celebration

 ---A Carnival of Authentic Chinese Festival Food, Folk Dance, Traditional Music, Martial Arts, Lantern Riddles and Karaoke Competition.

Time: 6:00pm, Feb. 19th, 2011

The event will be held at Wendy Williamson Auditorium at 6 PM on Saturday, February 19th, 2011. The auditorium will be decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns. Free authentic Chinese food will be available in the lobby.

Many activities will take place before and during the concert. In addition to the Karaoke competition, all guests are welcome to try some seasonal Chinese food, solve Chinese riddles, and enjoy Chinese folk dance, martial arts and traditional music by guest performers. There will also be a free door prize drawing to take place during the show. Come in from the cold and be ready to enjoy a spectacular evening! We look forward to seeing you there!

     mila        Wei Ding---Kung Fu Master 

                                CI -6965

In celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival, the UAA Confucius Institute will hold a Karaoke Competition on Saturday February 19th, 2011, starting at 6:30 PM in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Please join us in welcoming the New Year and sharing an appreciation for Chinese culture! Everyone is welcome to attend an event which guarantees to deliver a night of fun, creativity and celebration of the promising year ahead!

For the competition rules and application procedures please see below:

Competition Rules:

  1. There is no age limit to participate, but persons younger than 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and we require an additional signature on the application form.
  2. Contestants may enter individually or as a group.
  3. Contestants are welcome to choose their own song, but it must be a Chinese song.
  4. The length of the song may not exceed 4 minutes
  5. Equipment will be provided, but contestants must bring their own CD. When submitting your application, please submit a copy of your chosen CD.
  6. Contestants must arrive at 5:30pm one hour prior to the start of the concert.
  7. All participants must bring a smile, and be ready to enjoy this unique and fun experience!
  8. The prizes will go to the 1st place winner (1 prize of $100), 2nd place winner (2 prizes of $80 each), and 3rd Honorable Mention (3 of $50 each).
  9. Prizes will also be awarded for the following:

§  The Best Overall Group

§  Most Creative Costume

§  Best Stage Presentation

§  Most Popular with the Audience (This prize will not be determined by the judging panel, but by the audience)

§  All contestants will receive gifts from the UAA CI for their participation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either by phone, email, or in person.

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