Seminar on Chinese culture and business etiquette is designed for faculty and students who may visit China or have interests in getting to know about Chinese culture, business etiquette, and basic Chinese daily expressions. It can help prepare you with cross-cultutural knowledge and cultural tips for successful communication.

This program focuses on four particular subjects by Chinese Culture, Chinese Historical Philosophy, Daily Life in China and Daily Chinese. With students actively participating, our instructors will give you better understanding about China.

Contact information:

Ming Lu, Chinese Director

Phone: 907-786-1787


The Third/Fourth subject is COMING on May 20 th at 6:00pm to 10:00pm at RH 112: Daily Life in China/ Chinese Culture

(This section is free )


Subject Instructor Hours Note
Chinese Culture
Feng Chen
2 May 20th/8:00-10:00pm/RH112
Chinese Historical Philosophy
Feng  Chen
2 May 11th/6:00-8:00pm/RH 112
Daily Life in China
Jiajia Ru
2 May 20th/6:00-8:00pm/RH 112
Daily Chinese
Ming Lu
2 May 15th/6:00-8:00pm/RH 112