Presentations by Dr. Shih, Taiwan, China---the Fall of 2011

The University of Alaska, Anchorage Confucius Institute was proud to hold three free public lectures in celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival. The UAA Confucius Institute had the pleasure to host Dr. Te-Yu Shih, a Professor from the Chinese Culture University, and Director of the Chinese Folk-Arts Foundation, in Taiwan, China.

The first event was a lecture held specifically for the UAA Department of Music, and featured the origins and history of traditional Chinese musical instruments.  The next event was held on September 8th, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute and the UAA Bookstore. Dr. Shih gave her presentation on classical Chinese poetry, and the different styles. The presentation was given to a delighted audience comprised of UAA students, faculty and local community. The UAA Confucius Institute had a wonderful turnout for this event, and Dr. Shih received a very warm welcome.

On September 9th, CI hosted a Cultural Confucius Café in which Dr. Shih gave a presentation on classical Chinese Folk Songs, to the public. The presentation featured the origin of folk songs, as well as the different genres of songs. The audience was privileged to experience several classical songs sung by Dr. Shih. In addition to a wonderful and engaging presentation, the audience was provided with a free sampling of delicious Chinese food, courtesy of the Confucius Institute.

On September 10th, Prof. Shih also gave a performance at Moon Festival celebration party held by Alaska Chinese Association.

The UAA Confucius Institute is extremely grateful to Dr. Shih for conducting these wonderful events, and would like to express our thanks to the public for showing their interest in our programs, and for making these events a success.

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