Applied Environmental Science and Technology

The graduate program in Applied Environmental Science & Technology (AEST) is designed for students seeking careers as environmental professionals in the academic, regulatory, industrial, military, or consulting sectors.  The program is interdisciplinary in nature, and encourages candidates to develop an understanding of environmental principles through advanced studies in biology, chemistry, geology, statistics and environmental engineering. 

This degree offers two options:

Master of Science Applied Environmental Science & Technology (MS-AEST)

This degree is designed for those students who wish to pursue specialized advanced study and original research.  The MS-AEST is excellent preparation for both the practicing professional and the doctorial candidate. 

Master of Applied Environmental Science & Technology (M-AEST) 

This is a non-thesis degree designed for students who seek to enhance their education for professional practice without having to conduct original research.

Both options promote meaningful collaboration between the students and an interdisciplinary faculty team, and both provide an excellent foundation for a career in the applied environmental fields.