Coastal, Ocean, and Port Engineering Certificate

The UAA School of Engineering offers a cohesive sequence of courses in the theory and practice of coastal, ocean, and port engineering.  The series is intended to provide specialized education to prepare graduate engineers for sustainable development and protection of coastal, ocean, and port environments for the benefit of society in Alaska, the United States, and foreign countries.  The program is designed to provide students with competencies required to become Diplomate of the Academy of Coastal, Ocean, Port, and Navigation Engineers.


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Characterize oceans, seas and estuaries in terms of physical dimensions, sediments, water chemistry, major wind patterns and currents, and wave climate;
  2. Define nearshore and offshore ocean processes in terms of wind, wave and current climates and their interaction with sediments and local features of seafloor and shoreline;
  3. Accomplish data collection, analyze data, and interpret analytical results applicable to design of engineering systems;
  4. Plan and design port, harbor and ocean engineering facilities suited to demands of vessels and cargo transfer operations, to safe and efficient exploration for and extraction of minerals, and to survival in extreme ocean conditions; and
  5. Quantify natural physical processes or human activities responsible for coastal erosion, and design shore protection works suited to the local environmental setting.

Program Requirements

Complete five of the following courses for a total of 15 credits:

  • CE A674 Waves, Tides, and Ocean Processes for Engineers (3 credits)
  • CE A675 Design of Ports and Harbors (3 credits)
  • CE A676 Coastal Engineering (3 credits)
  • CE A677 Coastal Measurements and Analysis (3 credits)
  • CE A678 Design of Ocean Engineering systems (3 credits)
  • CE A679 Sediment Transport and Coastal Processes (3 credits)

A student who earns the Port and Coastal Engineering Graduate Certificate may apply up to 9 credits from the certificate program toward other graduate degrees at UAA.

For more information, see the current UAA Course Catalog.