Master of Science in Civil Engineering Graduation Requirements

In order to receive the Master of Science in Civil Engineering, students must:

  1. Satisfy all University Requirements for Graduate Degrees as specified by UAA.
  2. Complete 30 credits of coursework approved in advance by the student's graduate advisor.
  3. Satisfactorily complete thesis work approved in advance by the student's graduate committee, of which 6 credits will be CE A699 Thesis.

Thesis Requirement

The completed thesis must meet the following requirements:

  1. The work must contribute to the body of knowledge in the candidate's field of graduate study.  A literature review is required to show how the work is associated with the current state of the art in the candidate's graduate field of study.
  2. The thesis, as judged by the graduate committee, must be publishable in either peer-reviewed technical conference proceedings or a peer-reviewed journal.
  3. The work must demonstrate command of knowledge and skills associated with the candidate's program of graduate study.
  4. The thesis proposal, submitted at least one semester prior to the thesis defense, must present evidence that the above requirements will be satisfied and will generally consist of an explicit problem statement, a literature review, and one or more sections describing the research and the analytical methods that will be applied.
  5. The thesis is to be defended by the student in an oral presentation to the student's graduate committee and invited guests.
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