Chukchi Sea (2012)

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chukchi sea image 2012 smallDesign of the weather station in the Chukchi Sea for ConocoPhillips Alaska was accomplished as part of a design project by six senior Civil Engineering students at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  A group of students in 2011 began the design process and brought the design to 30%. The 2012 design project was to expand on that design and bring it to 60%.

For the purpose of this project, air quality and weather data in the Chukchi Sea would need to be collected offshore and be able to withstand substantial environmental loads, including ice, wave current and wind.

More information is provided in the attached project documents.


Project Documents

Chukchi Sea Final Report 2012

Community Partner

  • ConocoPhillips Alaska

Project Lead

  • Scott Hamel, P.E., Ph.D.
  • Osama A. Abaza, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, UAA


  • Jaime Bronga
  • Robert Halcomb
  • Phillip Hearn
  • David Hoisington
  • Tim Samuelson
  • Chris Wiehe