92nd Avenue Project

92nd ave pic medium 2


92nd ave pic 2 smallSouth Anchorage has three major roadways allowing for access east-to-west.  The level of service provided by these roadways is not adequate.  The Anchorage Bowl 2025 Long-Range Transportation Plan recommended the addition of three new east-west street connections across the New Seward Highway (NSH).  High levels of congestion center on Dimond Boulevard and the NSH Highway due to shopping centers and other services provided in the area.  The delays and inefficient flow of traffic show need for alternative routes.  The NSH and Dimond Blvd. Interchange has a failing level of service.  The current configuration cannot be modified to provide adequate capacity due to right-of-way constraints.  Thus, through traffic to Abbott Road requires a new access route.

The scope of the project will consist of the following:

  • Construct grade separated interchange connecting Academy Dr. and 92nd Avenue underneath the NSH.
  • Construct separated pathways to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Make major drainage improvements including a created wetland to accommodate increased water run-off.
  • Purchase adequate right-of-way to accommodate the new facility.

Community Partner

  • Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF)


Project Lead

  • James Amundsen P.E., Chief, Highway Design (ADOT&PF)
  • Osama A. Abaza, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, UAA


  • Alma Abaza
  • Charles Bang
  • Stephanie Burt
  • Heather Cotten
  • Judy Cumlat
  • David Darrington
  • John Fuller
  • Walter Graham
  • Erik Jordt
  • Mikala Larsen
  • Kil McNamara
  • McKenzie Moss
  • Rori Redick
  • Johnathan Tymick
  • Kristine Zajac