Spring 2014 Advising & Registration


The Civil Engineering program at UAA-SoE thrives on improving student performance to produce better engineers.  Advising is a crucial element in a student's progress toward that goal.

The Civil Engineering department will implement the advising plan using mandatory advising to all students in the full major and pre-engineering status seeking to study civil engineering.

The plan will consist of the following:

  1. All students will have the opportunity to see their assigned advisors starting Monday, October 14, 2013 until Friday, November 8, 2013.
  2. Each student needs to update the Undergraduate student advising check list (green form) and the course scheduling sheet (yellow form) through her/his advisor.  All concerns should be addressed to the advisor.
  3. The CE department enforced pre-requisite check on all engineering courses in the CE program based on student standing record.  The student needs to address any concerns that she/he might have about transferred courses, unfiled petitions, etc. with her/his advisor.
  4. Students who fail to visit their advisors by the time specified in Part 1 will have a hold on their registration (you will not be able to register for Spring 2014).
  5. Students will have the chance to remove the hold on registration through their advisors during the advising week of November 11, 2013 to November 14, 2013.

The following is the list of advisors in the Civil Engineering department:

 Student Last NameAdvisor Phone Email Room 
 A-BAaron Dotson 786-6041addotson@uaa.alaska.edu 208 
 C-DUtpal Dutta 786-1952udutta2@uaa.alaska.edu 204 
 E-GJohn Olofsson 786-1075 jaolofsson@uaa.alaska.edu 206 
 H-KJoey Yang 786-6431 zyang2@uaa.aalska.edu 202 
 L-MRobert Lang 786-1859 rjlang@uaa.alaska.edu 211 
 N-PTom Ravens786-1943 tmravens@uaa.alaska.edu 207 
 ROrson Smith 786-1910 opsmith@uaa.alaska.edu 205 
 SGhulam Bham 786-6053 ghbham@uaa.alaska.edu215 
 T-ZScott Hamel 786-1070 sehamel@uaa.alaska.edu 209 
 New EnrollmentCrickett Watt 786-1085 crickett@uaa.alaska.edu 201A 
 Department ChairOsama Abaza 786-6117 oabaza@uaa.alaska.edu 210 
 Admin AssistantZlata Lokteva 786-1951 zylokteva@uaa.alaska.edu 213 

6. Students will be able to register for Spring 2014 according to the following schedule:

 November 8 Registration opens for graduate students
 November 11 Registration opens for seniors (90+ credits)
 November 12 Registration opens for juniors (60-89 credits)
 November 13 Registration opens for sophomores (30-59 credits)
 November 14 Registration opens for freshmen (0-29 credits)
 November 18 Registration opens for new pending degree seeking UAA students
 November 25 Open registration

7. Advisors will follow your registration plan throughout the start of Spring 2014 classes.  Any changes in the registration should be reported to your advisor.

8. Appreciate your cooperation in making this advising cycle a successful one.

Note: A draft copy of the Spring 2014 schedule is posted on the civil engineering board under "Advising."