Undergraduate Course Requirements


  1. Complete the following courses with a minimum GPA of 2.00.  Courses with as asterisk (*) must be completed with a minimum grade of C (102 credits):

CE A152 Introduction to Civil Engineering (1)
CE A334* Properties of Materials (3)
CE A344 Water Resources Engineering (3)
CE A403 Arctic Engineering (3)
CE A405 Transportation Engineering I (3)
CE A406 Transportation Engineering II (3)
CE A422 Foundation Engineering (3)
CE A431* Structural Analysis (4)
CE A432 Steel Design (3) 
CE A433 Reinforced Concrete Design (3)
CE A435* Soil Mechanics (3)
CE A437* Project Planning (1)
CE A438 Design of Civil Engineering Systems (3)
CE A441* Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering and Applied Environmental Science (3)
CE A442 Environmental Systems Design (3)
CHEM A105* General Chemistry I (3)
CHEM A105L* General Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
CHEM A106* General Chemistry II (3)
CHEM A106L* General Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
ENGL A212 Technical Writing (3)
ENGR A151* Introduction to Engineering (1)
ENGR A161* Engineering Practices II (3)
ES A103 Engineering Graphics (3)
ES A209* Engineering Statics (3)
ES A210* Engineering Dynamics (3)
ES A302* Engineering Data Analysis (3)
ES A331* Mechanics of Materials (3)
ES A341* Fluid Mechanics (3)
ES A341L Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (1)
ESM A450* Economic Analysis and Operations (3)
GEO A155* Fundamentals of Surveying (3)
MATH A200* Calculus I (4)
MATH A201* Calculus II (4)
MATH A202* Calculus III (4)
MATH A302* Ordinary Differential Equations (3)
PHYS A211* General Physics I (3)
PHYS A211L* General Physics I Laboratory (1)
PHYS A212* General Physics II (3)
PHYS A212L* General Physics II Laboratory (1)


2. A basic science elective (minimum 3 credits) must be taken from the following list:

BIOL A115 Fundamentals of Biology I (4)
GEOL A178 Fundamentals of Oceanography (3)
BIOL A271 Principles of Ecology (4)
GEOL A111 Physical Geology (4)
GEOL A115 Environmental Geology (3)


3. Complete six credits of technical elective courses from the following list.  Graduate courses may not be applied to bot a baccalaureate and master's degree.

Environmental Engineering

AEST A601 Aquatic Process Chemistry (3)
CE A445 Chemical and Physical Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes (3)
CE A446 Biological Treatment Processes (3)
CE A447 Advanced Unit Processes (3)

Water Resources Engineering

CE A462 Surface Water Dynamics (3)
CE A475 Design of Ports and Harbors (3)
CE A476 Coastal Engineering (3)
CE A479 Sediment Transport and Coastal Processes (3)
CE A663 Ground Water Dynamics (3)
CE A674 Waves, Tides, and Ocean Processes for Engineers (3) 

Transportation Engineering

CE A423 Traffic Engineering (3)
CE A424 Pavement Design (3)
CE A425 Highway Engineering (3)
CE A426 Traffic Modeling and Simulation (3)

Geotechnical Engineering

CE A414 Soil Strength and Slope Stability (3)
CE A611 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (3)
CE A612 Advanced Foundation Design (3)

Structural Engineering

CE A432 Steel Design (3)
CE A433 Reinforced Concrete Design (3)
(Either CE A432 or CE A433 may be chosen as a technical elective if not applied to satisfy the requirements described above.)
CE A451 Advanced Structural Analysis (3)
CE A452 Advanced Steel Design (3)
CE A454 Timber Design (3)
CE A631 Structural Finite Elements (3)
CE A639 Loads on Structures (3)


4.  Note: A total of 132 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 credits must be upper division (300-, 400-, or 600-level).

(2013/2014 catalog)