This article addresses how to archive a CampusPack Blog or Wiki as a standalone web site. While the screenshots in this article cover the process of a CampusPack Wiki, the same steps and menus are used when exporting a Blog.

Begin Blog or Wiki Export

To begin, access the blog or wiki which needs to be exported. Select the “Export” link in the top menu.

Select the Export Menu

Select the desired export type from the “Export as” drop down. This article will focus on a standalone web site; however, the same steps can be used to create a single web page.

Create a new Export Package

The system will start creating an export package of the Blog or Wiki content. The time it takes for an export process to complete may vary from a view minutes to a couple hours.

Download a Blog or Wiki Export

When an export package process has finished, an alert will appear in the top menu with a link to the package it has created. Alternatively, finished export packages that have yet to be downloaded or deleted can be accessed by revisiting the “Export” menu if the alerts are no longer available.

Select the Export Alert

To start downloading the standalone web site, select the name of the package from the list of exports available for download.

Download the Export Package