At the end of the Spring 2014 semester, UAA will be transitioning from CampusPack Blogs, Wikis and Journals to the native tools available within Blackboard.  The ability to create new CampusPack Blogs, Wikis, and Journals will be disabled on June 16, 2014. 

Why the Transition? 

In the past, the native Blackboard tools did not offer all the features instructors were looking for.  CampusPack was identified as a solution to this issue.  Since then, the native Blackboard tools have been updated and now offer the same functionality and provide better integration with Blackboard.  This integration has also improved with the upgrade to Blackboard Service Pack 13 that was done prior to the Spring 2014 semester.  The native tools now integrate fully with the new Global Navigation Menu, and are easier to create, deploy, and manage.  They also integrate better with the Grade Center, offering full support for the Needs Grading feature of Blackboard, as well as Rubrics and other grading tools. 

By migrating away from CampusPack, UAA will be following UAF and UAS, who migrated away in 2013.  This will allow a common Blog, Wiki, and Journal platform to be used on Blackboard across the entire UA system for our students and faculty. Additionally, transitioning to the native tools will allow UAA to save money by not licensing a tool used by less than 4% of active Blackboard courses.

How do I save my Blog or Wiki?

If you have a CampuPack Blog or Wiki with valuable content and would like to keep a backup, there is a process for exporting that content to an archive. However, you will not be able to directly import that back into Blackboard.  For information or assistance with converting to a Blackboard Blog or Wiki, please contact your department instructional designer or Academic Innovations & eLearning. For more information on how to create an archive, please view the support  article on how to export a CampusPack Blog or Wiki.


Feature Comparison: CampusPack vs Blackboard

Blog, Journal, or Wiki CampusPack™ Blackboard
Create for Course X X
Create for Individual(s) X X
Create for Group(s) X X
Grade Center Column X X
Rubric Grading
New Text Editor Old WISYWIG Editor. X
Export Blog as HTML X
Needs Grading Integration
Global Navigation Stream Integration
Profile Avatar integration
Customize color and theme X Theme matches course theme.
Accessible outside of Blackboard X
Easily Share Individual Blogs / Wikis with other students Have to create each blog / wiki separately, and update the permissions for each to allow other students to see it. Students can easily view all of the other blogs available in a menu on the right of their blog (does not apply for Journals).
Comments X X


Subscribe to a Blog X Built in to Global Navigation Menu / Notification Settings
Modify Permissions X Much like the Discussion Board.