Blackboard Mobile Learn App

Students and Instructors can access Blackboard via your mobile device with the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. 

BB Mobile App gives students access to:

  • Check grades
  • Read handouts & assignments
  • Watch videos
  • Take online tests
  • Participate in discussions, blogs & journals
  • Link to a Dropbox account to save & submit

What devices can use Blackboard Mobile Learn?
    •    iOS ~ iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™
    •    Android™ devices
    •    BlackBerry® smartphone devices
    •    HP webOS devices

Downloaded the Blackboard Mobile Learn app onto your device by accessing the app store. Once downloaded search for University of Alaska Anchorage and log in with your UAA username and password. 

Resources for instructors to engage with Blackboard Mobile Learn


Creating Tests for use in the BB Mobile Learn App

Tests that contain ONLY the following question types work best with the BB Mobile App:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Hot Spot/Fill-In-Multiple Blanks
  • File Response (images only)
  • Calculated Numeric

Faculty can use BB Mobile to:

  • Review & respond to discussion boards, blogs & journal posts
  • Set Tasks to assist students track & manage their progress
  • Upload video and photos into a course from the mobile device

Blackboard Mobile does not allow for faculty to create tests, grade or edit the online interface, these tasks must be done from a computer or tablet through a web browser.


Blackboard Mobile Learn is a mobile application created and maintained by Blackboard. UAA has enabled connectivity, but does not have control over its offerings or functionality. Note that most faculty functionality can be accessed on a table through a web browser app such as, Google Chrome or Safari.


Mobile Learning efforts at UAA

With mobile devices ever-so available and abundant, mobile learning and teaching efforts are springing up to try to keep up with the technology. Compiled here are some resources and efforts available through UAA. If you have anything to add to this list, please email the AI&e Design team.

Student Mobile Use and Learning Survey Results & Infographic

mobileSurveyInfographic_final_thumbThe ELearning work group conducted a mobile usage survey of students in the spring of 2011 and 2012. The survey was conducted to find out how UAA students are currently using mobile devices and what they would like to be able to use mobile devices for, if it was available to them.  Because we had such a great response from students, IT services was able to use the information to make the decision to provide the Blackboard MobileLearn App.  

We think this information will be very useful to our UAA community as well, so we wanted to share the key findings in an infographic comparing the two years of results. Check out the Student Mobile Use and Learning Infographic (pdf) of the survey results and consider how this information can guide teaching & learning practices.



Workshops, consultation and training are available from Academic Innovations & eLearning.