New Interface for VoiceThread!

VoiceThread has updated their user interface to hold larger graphics and allow students/users more space to comment using text, audio and video! The new changes will not effect instructions for creating assignments in Blackboard, but will make for a more engaging visual experience for students.

For a full overview of the new interface watch the video below.


Updates to VoiceThread Fall 2015


VoiceThread for Blackboard

Ways to use VoiceThread

  • Students Introduce Yourself
  • Discussion Boards using Graphics/Photos/Maps
  • Combined Course/Topic Discussions
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Lecture Presentations

Tools & Tutorials


VoiceThread & Accessibility

VoiceThread has worked to make their digital tool 508 compliant. They have a tool called VoiceThread Universal as an alternate way for users to view VoiceThread. If you are an instructor using VoiceThread in your online course environment you can share this Universal Tool for user accessibility.

Instructor Accessibility Resources 

Student Accessibility Instructions:

Set Student View Universal Accessibility Preferences

  1. Click the VoiceThread Assignment Link
  2. Select the option "View VoiceThread in new window"
  3. Go to the LAST PAGE of the VoiceThread
  4. Select "+ Add to MyVoice Page" at the top right of information box
  5. Select the "Universal" option in the menu at the bottom of the page
  6. Select "Use VoiceThread Universal as my default site"
  7. Select Default Site: Change to "VoiceThread Universal"
    This should allow all VoiceThreads to show in the Universal view for the student from this point on.

Student access to review and submit assignments in the VoiceThread Universal view:

  1. Return to the original assignment link in Blackboard Select the Link
  2. Select the "View VoiceThread in separate window" to view the Assignment using the universal tools view.

To submit to the assignment

  1. Return to the Submit Assignment Window
  2. Use the Comment feature to complete the assignment, Save
  3. Select the blue Submit Assignment button to submit for grading


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