Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing


Blackboard Collaborate (formerly eLive) is UAA's synchronous online classroom, available within Blackboard to deliver an effective learning experience through online, blended, and mobile learning. 

Instructors can use this tool as a meeting space to engage online students in real time discussion, use for online class office hours, provide a space for students to collaborate, and open their virtual classroom to guest speakers. 

All users can join Collaborate sessions from MAC or PC and from mobile device apps.


Getting Started with Collaborate

Add a Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager Button to your Course

Adding a Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager Button to the left navigation bar in your course makes it quick and easy for you and your students to access scheduled class sessions and recorded sessions for review.

Add a Button:

  • Select the + symbol at the top left of the navigation bar in your course shell
  • Select "TOOL LINK" from the drop down menu
  • Name the Button: BB Collaborate or Online Sessions (or name of your choice)
  • Select from the drop down TYPE Menu: Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager
  • Check the "Available to Users" option
  • Submit

Setup Session Preferences - Optional Teleconference Setup

This area allows you to set default settings for the whole course, instead to save time when creating individual Collaborate sessions.

In Teleconference setup the moderator can choose to use the default teleconference numbers, which are long distance from Alaska, or add Department teleconference phone numbers and access codes. Using the Department teleconference codes charges the department for the calls at the negotiated rates. If students need to use the teleconference option the information they need is listed on the "Join Session" page.


Schedule Collaborate Sessions - 2 Options

As an instructor it is up to you to schedule your course Blackboard Collaborate sessions. You can choose to set up one semester long session using the semester start and end dates, leaving one link open to access new online meetings or you may set up one session per meeting date. 

A semester long link gives one place to log in to sessions per your class calendar instructions, also students may log in and us a semester long session to meet online outside of class time. Scheduling a session per class meeting would be best if you are using the integrated grade center option to give points for attendance. 

Below is the basic view of the BB Collaborate Scheduler User Interface:

BBC User Interface Good




How to Join Collaborate Sessions

Both instructors and students join Blackboard Collaborate sessions from the same link in the Blackboard Scheduling Manager. The live links are listed across the bottom portion of the interface screen. The TITLE of the session will be highlighted indicating it is a live link. Selecting this link will begin the Join Session process. Below is a screenshot of an example session link:

Example BBC Session Link

If you have not launched a Blackboard Collaborate session before you will NEED TO DOWNLOAD the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to your computer. This new launcher is now REQUIRED FOR BOTH MAC AND PC environments and (available as of July 2014) serves as a platform for the Collaborate session. 

For additional information visit Blackboard Help: Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for direct instructions go to Download Launcher on a PC or Download Launcher on a MAC


Record and Reuse Collaborate Sessions

As the moderator you can choose to record all or part of your Collaborate session. The RECORD tool will pop up as the moderator joins a new session. The moderator can toggle the record on or off at any time during an open Collaborate session.

The main record tools are located in the toolbar: Tools > Record. You can also locate the record indicator at the top left of the Collaborate window.

Recordings render to the Blackboard Collaborate server once the moderator stops the recording and ALL attendees leave the Collaborate session. This recording will list in the "Recordings" list in the course Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager. The recordings can be reopended in Collaborate, downloaded as an MP4 video or MP3 audio file from this list.

Audio & Video Settings

Blackboard Collaborate sessions have the option of both audio and video interface. Users can access the audio and video set up features under the main toolbar in Tools. It is advisable to log in early and adjust the settings within the Collaborate session to make sure the microphone and camera connected to your computer are working appropriately. 

It is suggested that all users of Collaborate use a speaker headset with a built in microphone for best results. 

Each time you log into a new Collaborate session you can adjust your audio settings using Audio Wizard. Go to Tools > Audio > Audio Wizard and follow the instructions to connect your headset to Collaborate.

Moderator/Instructor Guides

Student User Guides

Select the links below to share these guides with your online students. These are also found in the Student Help content area of each course.

Tutorials, Downloads & Other Resources