News & Updates

Blackboard Collaborate Launcher - June 15, 2014

The way Collaborate sessions and recordings are accessed has changed. Previously, launching a new meeting would download a file named 'meeting.jnlp' which was ran by the local systems default Java installation. All new sessions will instead download a file named 'meeting.collab' which will require the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to run. The new launcher is a vetted version of Java provided by Blackboard specifically for running Collaborate.

Collaborate meetings and recordings accessed after June 14th will require Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to be installed. Collaborate should automatically detect if the launcher is missing and provide a prompt to download the software. If the prompt does not appear, there is helper text on each meeting page with a link to download the correct version of Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for your system.


For questions or concerns, please contact the UAA ITS CallCenter at 907-786-4646 or

CampusPack Decommission - May 9, 2014

UAA's license for CampusPack, the suite of blog and wiki tools provided by Learning Objects for Blackboard, will not be renewed for future semesters. Starting on Jun 16, 2014, CampusPack will be unavailable in Blackboard. For more information about why UAA will not be renewing, or for instruction on how to archive blog and wiki content, check out the CampusPack Decommission page!

Internet Explorer 11 Crashes in Blackboard - Feb 14, 2014

After the latest Microsoft Updates released on Feb 11, 2014, Internet Explorer has become incompatible with Blackboard. Users will experience crashes or freezing when trying to access various content in Blackboard. UAA ITS is working with Blackboard Technical Support to find resolution, but there is no estimated time for recovery.

Alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome should be used to access Blackboard until this issue has been resolved. For questions or concerns, please contact the UAA ITS CallCenter at 907-786-4646 or

Blackboard Collaborate is now available

Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing is now available to use within your Blackboard course. The former version, Elluminate Live! (eLive) is also available for use, and both services are available through the end of Fall 2013. Your eLive recordings will still be available though the end of Spring 2014, in which time you may want to preserve your recordings.  Learn more about transitioning to Collaborate.

If you are using Mac OSX 10.8 and above and you are using Collaborate for the first time, please download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher before you start your session.  This is a one time setup install. You may need to adjust your system application security to allow applications from anywhere before you can install the application.  If you have any troubles please see the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing - First Time Users article on the Blackboard Collaborate Knowledge Base.

MAC OS X Java Repair

Apple users may find Java is disabled on their computer. The recommend action is to install the latest Java version for your system, then run UAA's Java Enabler tool. The following links require your UAA user name and password to download the software. Additional versions are available in the UAA Knowledge Base.

  1. Install the latest version of Java for your operating system:
  2. Verify that everything is working. If the issue is resolved, then stop; otherwise, proceed to step 3.
  3. Apply the Java Enabler below. This tool should re-enable Java on your system.
  4. UAA Mac OS X Java enabler
  5. Verify that everything is working. If the issue persists, contact the IT Services Call Center for further assistance.