Greek Life

Every Greek Fraternity and Sorority has a different culture but what they all share in common is having strong foundation of fellowship based on a mission, core values and philanthropy.

Benefits to Greek Life
Joining a Greek organization is a lifetime personal, social and financial commitment but the rewards will last you a lifetime too!  Participation in a Greek Society will give you the opportunity to develop intrapersonal, leadership, organizational skills and a professional network. You will also become involved in the community through activities and events for charity.  
They will also help your academic life too!  Studies show that participation in extracurricular activities is positively correlated with academic achievement.  The Greek Organizations have study programs for their new and active members.  At the national level they offer scholarships to help fund students education.  

Fraternities are organized societies of men who are committed to building a brotherhood that is dedicated to the intellectual, professional and social development of its members.  We have three fraternities on campus: Phi Kappa Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Sororities are organized societies of women that provides career opportunities and networking opportunities during college and beyond in the real world, an organization that values philanthropy and community service, a place where women learn to be leaders, and a place to meet amazing women who will always be there for you when you need them.  We have two sororities on campus: Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha.

To learn more about Greek Life at UAA please visit the our Greek Life website.