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Changes to the Conceptual Framework

C.2. What changes have been made to the conceptual framework since the last visit?

Aside from updating the knowledge base, COE has made no changes to the conceptual framework since the 2005 site visit. However, significant efforts have been made to operationalize the framework by reexamining COE’s vision with professional education faculty and advisory groups; engaging in strategic planning; evaluating the core values through exit, alumni, and employer surveys; and ensuring an integration of the framework within new and existing programs.

In AY07, COE work sessions focused on both assessment, including effective assessments used in courses and programs that support and enhance COE’s conceptual framework, and on the development of candidate writing guidelines and a common rubric. COE also held a four-day forum featuring discussions on the future of COE along with strategies necessary for achieving that vision. As an outgrowth of the forum, a series of work sessions in AY08 produced a list of enduring understandings aligned with the College’s core values. Additional work sessions focused on assessment, particularly data-informed decision making. During the same time period, the Assessment and Accreditation Committee modified the candidate exit surveys and designed new alumni and employer surveys that more explicitly assess the conceptual framework. AY09 work sessions focused on strategic planning in order to merge information from the previous years’ work sessions into a coherent document. In Spring 2009, the College hosted a stakeholder meeting to inform the strategic planning process, as well as a meeting with the faculty and advisory groups to examine the current vision and identify gaps that need to be addressed. In addition, the COE Course and Curriculum Committee modified the syllabus template to better integrate the conceptual framework in individual courses.