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Education Unit

B.1. What is the professional education unit at your institution and what is its relationship to other units at the institution that are involved in the preparation of professional educators?

The College of Education is the professional education unit at UAA. All COE faculty, adjuncts, clinical faculty, and those who provide advising services are members of the professional education faculty (PEF). Education faculty at the community campus sites are members of the PEF as well and attend all-College and appropriate department meetings.

COE works in close collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the Community and Technical College (CTC), particularly as its work relates to the content preparation for candidates in initial teacher preparation programs. In 2000, CAS faculty worked with education faculty to develop integrated liberal studies courses that addressed both state and national standards for the content preparation of P-12 students and teachers. These courses, now the platform for the unit’s undergraduate programs, are examined and updated as needed based on unit data. In addition, COE, CTC, and CAS faculty continue to work together to ensure quality content preparation for candidates interested in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, which prepares secondary and K-12 educators in specific disciplines. CTC and CAS faculty who teach methodology courses and supervise interns are members of the PEF and attend MAT program meetings. Representatives from CAS liberal studies and from CTC and CAS disciplines in which COE offers teacher preparation programs are active members of the Teacher Education Council.