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Recognition of Contributors

A Special Note of Thanks from Donna Gail Shaw, COE NCATE Coordinator

Conceptual Framework: Kate, thank you for leading the effort to update the Knowledge Bases. I know that you, Pat, and Mary spent many hours conceptualizing the update and gathering feedback from the professional education faculty and staff. Team Members: Professor Emerita Kate O’Dell, Ms. Patricia Chesbro, and Dr. Mary Snyder

Standard 1: Dean and Hilary, thank you for leading the Standard 1 Work Team. The contributions by you and your team members resulted in comprehensive coverage of the most difficult standard to address. Team Members: Dr. Dean Konopasek, Dr. Hilary Seitz, Ms. Liz Boario, Dr. Jim Powell, Ms. Sunny Mall, and Ms. Sheila Sellers

Standard 2: Jim S., thank you for your excellent organization of the Standard 2 Work Team efforts. As one of the team members, I know that we had challenging discussions and that each team member provided valuable contributions to the whole. Team Members: Mr. Jim Seitz, Mr. Brian Brubaker, Dr. Ed McLain, Ms. Cleo Burgett, Ms. Janet Steinhauser, Ms. Susan Barstow, Ms. Bonny Headley, and Dr. Donna Gail Shaw

Standard 3: Teresa, thank you for leading the Standard 3 Work Team. You still hold the title of “exhibit queen.” Team Members: Dr. Teresa Johnson, Ms. Robin Brooks, Ms. Nancy Boxler, Dr. Susan Garton, Dr. Tesa Bunsen, Dr. Robert Capuozzo, Dr. Sue Heinz, and Dr. Cathy Coulter

Standard 4: Claudia and Tim, thank you for your outstanding organization of the Standard 4 Work Team. The draft of the narrative was the most organized submission received by my office and it was very easy to see evidence of participation by the team members. Team Members: Dr. Claudia Dybdahl, Dr. Tim Jester, Ms. Ellen Brigham, Dr. Micah Fierstein, Ms. Jennifer Harty, Ms. Lee Henrikson, Ms. Patricia Chesbro, Dr. Amina Turton, and Dr. Letitia Fickel

Standard 5: Al, George, Andy, and Jeff, thank you for the humor you brought to the task of drafting Standard 5. Each of you contributed to the effort and provided quick responses to my questions in the editing process. The roses were a nice touch, too. Team Members: Dr. Al Turner, Dr. George Mastroyanis, Dr. Andy Page, and Dr. Jeff Bailey

Standard 6: Claudia, my friend and colleague, thank you for collaborating with various members of the staff and others to draft Standard 6. Your experience as a full professor and former director of the School of Education made you uniquely qualified for this task.

NCATE Support Team: My deep gratitude goes to the COE NCATE Support Team.

  • Brian, you are simply marvelous. Thank you for PETaL.

  • Mary Catherine and Cate, you are amazing. Thank you for your professionalism and unique ability to work with me.

  • Kathleen, Dianah, and Sean, thank you for your many hours entering data, uploading documents, and working with CMS and PETaL.

  • Lee and Luke, the NCATE web site looks fabulous. Thanks.

  • Jared, Charlotte, Pat, and Mary, thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that the site visit goes smoothly.

Other NCATE Support:

  • Carolyn, thank you for being my “NCATE friend” and assisting with the syllabi review, candidate work samples, and many other things that required your expertise.

  • Emily, thank you for your excellent editing work on the narrative.

  • Jennifer S., Cheryl, Mikayla, and Gianna, thank you for your work on uploading syllabi and all other departmental support tasks related to NCATE.

  • Kathe, thank you for your expert guidance as our NCATE consultant.

PETaL Designer: Mr. Brian Brubaker

Assistants to the Associate Dean: Ms. Cate Schmid and Ms. Mary Sullivan

NCATE Web Site Design and Support: Dr. Luke Weld and Ms. Lee Henrikson

Student Workers: Ms. Dianah Ojwanga, Mr. Sean Griffin, Ms. Kathleen Ahern-Karnes

Site Visit Planning & Arrangements: Dr. Mary Snyder, Mr. Jared Brandner, and Ms. Charlotte Titus

Poster Session Planning and Chevak Visit: Ms. Patricia Chesbro

NCATE Friend: Ms. Carolyn Coe

IR Narrative Editor: Ms. Emily Menard

Department Administrative Assistants: Ms. Jennifer Schultz, Ms. Cheryl Chapman, Ms. Mikayla Saito, and Ms. Gianna Shorney-Linton

NCATE Consultant: Dr. Kathe Rasch