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5f. Unit Facilitation of Professional Development

5f.1. How is professional development related to needs identified in unit evaluations of faculty? How does this occur?

Professional development opportunities supported by UAA and COE reflect the mission of the institution and the College and represent faculty needs in terms of teaching, research/scholarly activity, and service. In particular, full-time faculty are encouraged and supported to attend conferences to improve knowledge and skills, develop professional networks to enhance practice, form professional relationships that result in opportunities to serve the profession, and foster collaborations in support of research efforts. All faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the professional development opportunities offered by the UAA Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFÉ), Alaska Educational Innovations Network (AEIN), and COE. The department chairs and dean become aware of the faculty’s professional development needs through a variety of sources including annual activity reports and retention reviews, candidate course evaluations, faculty self reviews, and periodic surveys.

5f.2. What professional development activities are offered to faculty related to performance assessment, diversity, technology, emerging practices, and/or the unit's conceptual framework?

COE faculty are offered numerous, substantial, and sustained professional development activities that address assessment, diversity, technology, emerging practices, and the unit’s conceptual framework through three major sources: CAFÉ, AEIN, and COE.

The CAFÉ website lists activities planned for 2009-10, including the continuation of the Ford Foundation’s Difficult Dialogues initiative; discussion groups on e-Learning: Pedagogy in an Online Environment; and seminar and workshop series on Mentoring Undergraduate Students, Research, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Student Success. CAFÉ has also been instrumental in supporting UAA’s Technology Fellows Program, which is designed to develop instructional technology leaders who effectively integrate technology into instruction and who serve as mentors to colleagues.

AEIN has provided significant leadership and support for professional development in the areas of effective instruction for distance courses, the “next practice” use of technology in all courses, culturally responsive teaching and learning, and network learning. They have also been instrumental in facilitating College discussions about utilizing data to inform teaching and learning.

In the past 3 years, COE has sponsored all-College work days focusing on Writing Across the College, Becoming a College of Distinction, a Learning-Centric Education Model, Data-informed Decision Making, Core Values of the Conceptual Framework and Enduring Understandings, Assessment, and Strategic Planning. The College also showcases faculty members’ use of emerging practices and technologies at faculty retreats that occur at the beginning and ending of each academic year. Standard 5F Exhibit 10 lists the professional development activities offered by UAA and COE.

5f.3. How often does faculty participate in professional development activities both on and off campus?

Full-time tenured and non-tenured faculty participate in on-campus professional development activities every semester through participation in College workdays and retreats. In addition, 29 full-time members of the tenured and non-tenured faculty and 6 adjunct/part-time faculty members participated in AEIN, CAFÉ, or other University-sponsored professional development activities within the past 3 years. Thirty-four members of the full-time tenured and non-tenured faculty and 10 adjunct/part-time faculty members participated in off-campus professional development activities in the same time period. For both on-campus and off-campus activities, most faculty participate in multiple events each year. Standard 5F Exhibit 11 provides a comprehensive list of professional development activities in which all faculty have participated. These activities may be easily sorted by diversity- and technology-focused development.

5f.4. (Optional) Tables, figures, and a list of links to key exhibits related to the unit's facilitation of professional development may be attached here.

  • Std5f.Exh12. Unit policies related to professional development


1. What does your unit do particularly well related to Standard 5?

COE, in conjunction with AEIN, CAFÉ, and the UAA Technology Fellows Program, provides quality professional development for faculty members who teach distance courses and who integrate technology into instruction. The College administration has vigorously advocated to UA system-wide for appropriate technologies to support distance learning. In addition, COE has heavily invested its own funds in professional development, software, computers, and other technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of faculty and candidates in distance, hybrid, and face-to-face courses.

2. What research related to Standard 5 is being conducted by the unit or its faculty?

In 2008 COE Professor Letitia Fickel was appointed chair of the UAA Task Force on Faculty Evaluation for Promotion, Tenure, Post-Tenure Review, and Hiring. The task force was charged with leading the “institutional effort to consider anew our shared definitions and expectations for faculty work.” The task force has produced summaries of findings from both faculty forums and reviews of faculty evaluation actions. In 2009, the task force generated a Gap Analysis Report, which is being widely shared and discussed across campus. The task force will draft recommendations assembled from the gap analysis.