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6d. Unit Facilities

6d.1. How adequate are unit--classrooms, faculty offices, library/media center, the technology infrastructure, and school facilities--to support teaching and learning?

Unit facilities adequately support the work of the College (Std6d.Exh14). The College is housed on the second floor of the Professional Studies Building on the west side of campus. The Dean’s suite includes offices, work-stations, a shared workspace area, conference room, and reception/waiting area. Departments are assigned a suite(s) within which members of the faculty are grouped with their chairs and administrative assistants. DTL faculty occupy 4 suites and EDL and CASE occupy 1 suite each. PACE, AEIN, and Clinical Services and Certification also occupy 1 suite each. Shared space in the suites is generally used to store candidate files and office supplies and to house department equipment, such as copiers. Additional offices flank the suites along the inside corridor and provide all full-time term faculty with a private work space, as well as offices for the data manager and part-time faculty. Faculty offices are private with ample workspace and room for one extra chair. All faculty offices are connected via the Ethernet; wireless capability extends throughout the space. All full-time faculty receive a Dell laptop computer, two monitors, and software. Faculty print either through office printers or multi-user suite printers.

COE has two dedicated classrooms. One of the classrooms includes a sink, supply cabinets that hold teaching materials, a Smartboard, and projector. The other classroom is equipped for video conferencing, with an adjoining, smaller room equipped for supervising distance interns. In addition to these 2 classrooms, COE has priority scheduling rights to 2 more classrooms on the second floor. Many other rooms are available for scheduling through the main UAA Publications and Scheduling. In addition to office and classroom space, COE has 2 storage rooms (1 for archived files and 1 for department supplies) and 2 break rooms with tables, sinks, microwaves, and refrigerators.

The technology and media support infrastructure at UAA is significant, with many resources available to candidates and faculty. For example, there are 10 computer labs available for use by education faculty and candidates on campus, 4 of which are housed in a building adjacent to PSB. The Learning Resources Center and the UAA Consortium Library provide many services to both candidates and faculty.

The Teaching and Learning Community (TLC) is located in East Hall (dormitory) and includes 2 common spaces that are shared by residents of the community. This space is not only used by candidates, but by initial program faculty for meetings and social events with residents.

Facilities on the extended campuses provide adequate faculty offices and classrooms. Their technological support is equal to that of the main campus, including video conferencing and smart classrooms. The community campuses have their own learning centers and local library centers as well as access to the UAA Consortium Library.