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Standard 6A Exhibit 5

Recruiting and Admission Policies

UAA and COE Recruiting Policies

UAA's recruitment web page contains information for first-time college freshmen; UA Scholars; and transfer, graduate, and international students.

The UAA Enrollment Management Plan, working draft, 2005-2009, includes recruitment information. Part 1 : Enrollment, particularly pages 11-13, specifically addresses recruitment.

COE's Strategic Enrollment Management Plan 2007-2012 also includes recruitment information, COE recruitment procedures and policies are summarized in the document, History of Past Strategies and Accomplishments Related to COE Recruitment.


UAA and COE Admission Policies

The UAA Admissions web site and catalog stipulate the minimum admission requirements for all undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate programs.

COE has established additional admission requirements for each program area. These requirements are found on the various COE department web pages and in appropriate sections of the UAA catalog.