Department Contacts

College of Education is located in the Professional Studies Building (PSB)


Phone #(907)

* Administration Dean's Office 786-4613 PSB234
* College of Education Student Services Academic Advising,
Recruitment & Retention
786-4401 PSB218
* Undergraduate & Initial Certification Elementary Education
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Special Education
Secondary Education
786-4412 PSB223
*Graduate Studies & Advanced Certification M.Ed.
Special Education 
Speech Language Pathology
Counseling Education
Educational Leadership
786-6317 or 
* Professional & Continuing Education (PACE)   786-1933 PSB221

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Office
Jonathan Bartels, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Secondary Education 786-1680 PSB 223B
Elizabeth Boario Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership 786-4304 PSB 206H
Nancy Boxler University School Liaison, Student Services 786-4516 PSB 218F
Kathleen Brennan Enrollment Specialist - PACE 786-1934 PSB 221A
Ellen Brigham Term Assistant Professor, Speech/Language Pathology 786-4468 PSB 220D
Teresa Bunsen, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Special Education 786-4867 PSB 222B
Cathy Coulter, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Elementary Education 786-4457 PSB 224C
Kitty Deal Assistant Professor, Education 486-1223 UAA - Kodiak Campus / KCC 123B
Steve Ex Term Assistant Professor 786-4327 PSB 224B
Wil Gerken Data Manager 786-4423 PSB 232
Lisa Gonzales Ives Certification Coordinator, Student Services 786-4306 PSB 218G
Jennifer Greene Enrollment and Operational Services Coordinator, PACE 786-1932 PSB 221C
Jennifer Harty Coordinator of Professional Programs, PACE 786-1881 PSB 221B
Hattie Harvey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Program 786-4464 PSB 225F
Louisa Hayes Assistant to the Dean 786-4413 PSB 234C
Wei-Ying Hsiao, Ed.D Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education 786-4435 PSB 225C
Hsing-Wen Hu, Ed.D Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education 786-1668 PSB 224E
Tim Jester, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Elementary Education 786-1666 PSB 224D
Agatha John-Shields Term Assistant Professor, Education 786-4431 PSB 223A
Louise Kempker Professional Programs Assistant, PACE 786-1933 PSB 221D
Joseph Kenney Term Assistant Professor, Secondary Education 786-4448 PSB 229
Erin Kinevay Wennerstrom Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Special Education 786-4612 PSB 222C
Geeta Kolean Fiscal Manager 786-1938 PSB 234G
Kathy Lardner Administrative Assistant, Elementary, Early Childhood & Secondary 786-4412 PSB 224
Sally Love Administrative Assistant, PACE 786-4410 PSB 221
Ed McLain, Ed.D Associate Professor, Graduate Studies & MEd 952-8940 PSB 206M
Mike Mueller, Ph.D Professor, Secondary Education Program Chair 786-4613 PSB 223C
Tatiana Nochevnaya Student Success Coordinator 786-4402 PSB 218C
Kate O'Dell Professor Emeritus, Secondary Education 786-4427 PSB 228
Kathryn Ohle, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Early Childhood 786-4433 PSB 225B
Paul Ongtooguk Term Assistant Professor, CRANE Director 786-1906 PSB 209A
Irasema Ortega, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Elementary Education 786-4454 PSB 224F
Robyn Rehmann, Ed.D Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership Program Chair 786-4425 PSB 206E
Marc Robinson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Elementary Education Program Chair 746-9328 UAA - Mat-Su Campus / JKB 122B + UAA Campus PSB 224A
Karen Roth Term Professor, Early Childhood Program Chair 786-1928 PSB 225D
Debra Preston Russ, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Counselor Education 786-4418 PSB 206J
Heather Ryan, Ph.D. Dean 786-6407 PSB 234F
Mikayla Savikko Academic Success Coordinator, Student Services Manager 786-4494 PSB 218D
Hilary Seitz, Ph.D. Professor, Associate Dean 786-4872 PSB 234H
Donna Gail Shaw, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Elmentary Education 786-4427 PSB 228
Rebecca Coffin Assistant to the Associate Dean 786-4331 PSB 234K
Peter Snow, Ed.D Assistant Professor, Elementary Education 262-0357 UAA - Kenai Peninsula Campus / MCCB 236
Peggy Spencer, M.S.,CCC-SLP Assistant Professor, Speech/Language Pathology 786-4712 PSB 220C
Adrainne Thomas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Special Education 786-4910 PSB 222D
Katie Walker Advanced Education Technology Coordinator 786-4863 PSB 230