Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Community (TLC), located on the 4th floor of East Hall, is a residence hall open to education majors.  The College of Education, in partnership with UAA Residence Life, provides a space for students to build relationships with peers, faculty, and other professionals in the field of education.  As a member of the TLC, students will have the unique opportunity to connect with other students who have similar majors and career goals. Students living in the TLC are given access to register for special courses designed for the community.  Sharing courses with others on the same floor is an ideal way to get to know people, form study groups, and extend learning beyond the classroom.  TLC residents participate in programs held on their floor, a beginning-of-the-year retreat, and special events such as lunches with faculty, movie nights, and guest speaker presentations on special topics in education.



The Teaching and Community strives to provide students a unique academic and residential experience that builds strong relationships with peers, faculty, and other professionals in the field of education.  


  • Build a strong community
  • Network with other students
  • Explore career choices in teaching professions
  • Develop supportive relationships with College of Education faculty and staff
  • Connect classroom learning to co-curricular activities

Interested in participating in the TLC?

Apply for campus housing early, as space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Apply now!

For more information about the TLC, contact the College of Education Student Services
Phone: (907)786-4401