Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood

"The corner stone of our experience, based on experience, based on practice, theory and research, is the image of the children as rich, strong and powerful.  The emphasis is placed on seeing the children as unique subjects with rights rather than simply needs. They have potential, plasticity, the desire to grow, curiosity, the ability to be amazed, and the desire to relate to other people and to communicate."
Carlina Rinaldi

Overview of the Program

Shaping future of our society, today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Children's interactions with the environment, other people and educational experiences are critical in molding successful adults. The College of Education is proud to offer the BAEC degree program, and support your desire to become part of this professional community.
The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood requires a total of 121-122 credits. See course requirements in the current catalog. Successful completion of The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood leads to the Alaska Type A teaching certificate with an endorsement in preschool through 3rd grade.


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The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood (BAEC) prepares candidates to work with children from birth through age eight. The program offers professionals working in childcare or the public school system opportunities to further their career in early childhood. Many changes occurring nationally and in our state have brought attention to young children. There is a critical need for quality programs for young children as well as qualified early childhood professionals.




Form Name Description
Advanced Practicum Application for Early Childhood Application to Advanced Practicum for Early Childhood Bachelor and Post-Bacc programs. To be completed by student and returned to the Student Services with all necessary documentation.
Application for Admissions - Project LEAP Application for the 1 year ESL endorsement called Project LEAP
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Information Packet Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Information Packet
Internship Application - Early Childhood Application to Internship for Early Childhood Bachelor and Post-Bach programs. Will be filled out by student and returned to the Office of Student Engagement with all necessary documentation.
Release of Information Muni of Anchorage ROI for classes placing students in an agency setting, paperwork to be sent to the MUNI.


Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Office
Kitty Deal Assistant Professor, Education 486-1223 UAA - Kodiak Campus / KCC 123B
Wei-Ying Hsiao, Ed.D Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education 786-4435 PSB 225C
Kathryn Ohle, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Early Childhood 786-4433 PSB 225B
Karen Roth Term Professor, Early Childhood Program Chair 786-1928 PSB 225D
Hilary Seitz, Ph.D. Professor, Associate Dean 786-4872 PSB 234H