The UAA College of Education Educational Leadership Superintendent graduate certificate is not currently accepting applications. We are in the process of revising the program and curriculum. Please contact the EDL office at 786-4450 with any questions or concerns. 

Graduate Certificate
Superintendent Educational Leadership (GCRT-ENSU)

The Department of Educational Leadership offers a graduate certificate for students pursuing a Superintendent endorsement with the State of Alaska.

  • Students pursuing a graduate certificate are required to complete the Superintendent core courses for a total of 24 credits.

Superintendent Core (24 credits)

Course Title Credit
EDL A671 Superintendent Stewardship and Systemic Change 3 credits
EDL A672 Student Performance: Academic and Developmental 3 credits
EDL A673 Human Resource Management and Labor Relations 3 credits
EDL A674 Public School Finance and Facilities 3 credits
EDL A675 Superintendent Internship 6 credits
EDL A676 Superintendent Seminar I 3 credits
EDL A677 Superintendent Seminar II 3 credits


Recommended Progression of Studies

On a case by case basis, the program will review courses from other accredited universities to ensure that they meet the course and content guidelines of our core theory classes. Students are expected to complete at least two of the four core theory courses prior to applying for the field experience internships/seminar classes.

The Educational Leadership courses are web based courses, unless otherwise noted. Students meet with their instructor at pre-determined times on Elluminate (ELIVE) each week. Access to, and familiarity with, web based technology is essential. Visit UAA Distance Education website for more information.

The College of Education is now required to maintain an electronic depository for key student assignments. We are using an application called TaskStream for this purpose. Key assignment(s) for this class will be posted on TaskStream. Please use the TaskStream Tutorial Guides to get started



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Educational Leadership Superintendent Internship Handbook



Form Name Description
Application for Admission - Ed Leadership Program Application - EDL Application to the programs offered through Educational Leadership
Field Experience Rating Form - EDL ED Leadership Field Experience Rating Form - Used by references for program candidates
Internship Application - EDL Superintendent ED Leadership Superintendent Internship Application


Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Office
Elizabeth Boario Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership 786-4304 PSB 206H
Ed McLain, Ed.D Associate Professor, Graduate Studies & MEd 952-8940 PSB 206M